Empowering a circular fashion industry for a nature-positive world.

What is LAYBL?

We capture the lifetime journey of a garment.

From the first owner to the last, and everyone in between.

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LAYBL for Apparel Brands

What if we told you, LAYBL could give you intelligent data on every garment sold?

  • Simple integration

    Connects instantly to all major ecommerce platforms. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.

  • Aftercare like never before

    Collect transaction, customer, and product data, and offer aftercare at the point of sale.

  • Unprecedented post-sale data

    Track garment lifetime journey, measure performance, and capture transfer of ownership (resale), repair, gift/swap, or recycle events.

  • The full circular story

    Get the world's most accurate data insights and analytics from the garments you sell and every person that owns them.

Screenshot of the LAYBL Analytics Dashboard used by Apparel Brands

LAYBL for Fashion Consumers

LAYBL helps you navigate the circular fashion economy and let's you support your favourite brands in becoming more sustainable.

  • Care, rate, tidy

    Next generation reviews platform for your garments – feedback 3, 6, 9, 12 months after purchase – let brands know how they're really doing!

  • Keep it out of landfill

    Simple transfer of ownership when a garment is passed on, transfer care information, and record that your garment is still in circulation.

  • Simple selling

    Easy one-click reselling options with all your favourite marketplaces (Depop, eBay, Vinted, etc).

  • Supported fashion

    Access simple aftercare support (repair, care, alter, recycle) solutions to encourage garment longevity.

Screenshot of the LAYBL Mobile App used by Apparel Consumers


We are accelerating the circular model.

Good for business: verified garment and consumer data post-sale can be repurposed to help support brands in making more informed design and manufacturing decisions to support their journey from linear to circular.

Good for consumers: care for and engage with your fashion, using our next-gen lifetime reviews platform to support informed, sustainable production.

Simple resell and aftercare solutions that make it easy to extend the lifetime of a garment and keep it in circulation for longer.

Good for the planet: together we can help make fashion circular and help tackle the root causes of global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

Data driven change

We are changing how people connect with fashion brands and their products.

One LAYBL at a time.

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Coming soon

LAYBL will be launching later this year.

  • Brands

    We want to support you in your transition from linear to circular. Drop us a line to find out more, and discover consultative and limited time only pilot and beta opportunities for early adopters.

  • Influencers

    We want to make it easy for you to make more sustainable decisions about your wardrobe. If you would like to know more about research and beta testing opportunities, please get in touch.

  • Investors

    We are currently looking for like-minded partners to be a part of this journey. If you are as passionate about sustainability and circularity as we are, we could make magic together.


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