Do you know what happens to your products after you sell them?
We do.

LAYBL gives you the tools to track your products for life, reach a deeper connection with your customers, and make your business more circular and sustainable for the future.

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What is LAYBL?

LAYBL makes traceability possible for every garment on the planet.

A circular solution to solve the clothing waste problem.

Our unique ID connects the garment to the clothing brand, the clothing owner, and every service provider (resale, repair, rental) that comes into contact with it, capturing data and insight from point of sale throughout its entire lifetime.

LAYBL keeps clothes connected and circular.

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How LAYBL can help your brand

Increase product and brand value, generate new revenue streams and enhance the customer experience with LAYBL

  • No code solution

    A simple integration allows you to seamlessly connect your e-commerce store (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc) with the LAYBL platform, and instantly start tracking your items.

  • Real-time insights on how your clothes are being worn, loved and reused

    Reviews 3, 6, 12 months after they were sold. How many owners it’s had. Whether it’s been repaired, resold, rented, recycled. LAYBL has the data to help you make better decisions about the clothes you design and sell.

  • Enhanced brand experience

    LAYBL provides a superior customer experience. By including digital care instructions and easy access to a clothing brand or service provider’s resale, buyback, repair or rental programme, we make it easy for customers to take care of their clothes and keep them in circulation longer.

Screenshot of the LAYBL Analytics Dashboard used by Apparel Brands

How LAYBL helps clothing owners

Being more sustainable and responsible with what happens to your clothes should be easy. We make the entire process frictionless.

  • An inspirational wardrobe

    Never forget about an item you’ve bought again. Get inspiration on how to wear what you own so that you wear more and reduce the cost per wear.

  • Responsible equals more valuable

    Our one-click solution makes it easy to give your clothes a new lease of life and stop them from ending up in landfill. Donating, swapping, selling and gifting clothes has never been easier. And with LAYBL, it just takes one click.

  • Caring for clothes and environment

    Extend the life of your clothes while helping you create a lifestyle that is more sustainable. With LAYBL, you can take care of them easily and access convenient repair and alteration services so you can love them a little longer.

Screenshot of the LAYBL Mobile App used by Apparel Consumers


The more we know about our clothes, where they are and who has what, the better chance we have of creating more value and more circularity.

By connecting an item of clothing to clothing brands, service providers (rental, resale, repair), and us - the clothing owners - it means we are all working together to keep products in circulation for longer. Recycling should be a last resort.

LAYBL is on a mission to reduce the amount of clothes going into landfill. Once we know where every piece of clothing in the world is, we can ensure they're reused and loved again.

Good for the environment. Good for everyone involved.


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Data driven change

LAYBL on the label

In the future, LAYBL will be a statement of sustainability for the clothes you wear. When you see LAYBL on the label, you’ll know that is a sign of commitment from that clothing brand. Committed to better materials, design that has longevity, and to reducing the impact fashion has on our environment.

We are changing how people think about clothes. With LAYBL, fashion becomes more than just looking good - it becomes an opportunity to make a difference.


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We’re making traceability possible for every garment on the planet. To find out more or see a free demo, get in touch.

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